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Game On is out and Hockey Rules is in. The NHL announced Friday it's new slogan, Hockey Rules, will be used in a joint marketing strategy with the Salt Lake Organizing Committee to promote the league's participation in the 2002 Winter Olympics.

A logo that includes the NHL logo, the slogan, the Olympic rings and Salt Lake 2002 will be at the centre of a campaign that the league and Games organizers hope will be mutually beneficial.

"The primary benefit for us is that it will promote the Olympic tournament to hockey fans," said Mark Lewis, managing director of marketing for the organizing committee. "We just want to get as many people as possible excited about the Olympics."

"Hopefully, if they're not already hockey fans, we can engage those fans," said Yaffe. "There's a pretty compelling story in this tournament and I think we should be able to grab their attention."

Hockey Rules will replace the old slogan, Game On, on the NHL's printed material, such as schedules, as well as on its web site and on dasher boards in the league's 30 arenas.

The NHL and its teams will also get to use the Olympic slogan, See You in Salt Lake, in their broadcasts and promotions.

The NHL first freed up players to play in the Olympics in 1998 Nagano, Japan, when the Czech Republic upset Canada and then Russia to win the gold medal. The league will take a 12-day break from Feb. 15 to Feb. 24, 2002 to allow players to compete at Salt Lake City.